An interactive learning app for K-8



hundreds of exciting games.

Mix chemicals in your laboratory and rescue endangered animals. Travel through the universe and save the earth from pollution. Learning science has never been more fun!



the mysteries of science.

Why is the sky blue? What do plants eat? Why do monkeys have tails? Are there aliens? Discover the answers to these questions & many more!



by talking to famous scientists.

Ask questions to Einstein, Newton and Darwin and hear their stories. They will be your personal guides on an interactive learning adventure!

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100+ interactive adventures!

All available for free!

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Empowering children to become lifelong learners

Engage in an active learning experience with stories, games and conversations. Learn by doing instead of listening!

Is it really free?
Yes! The Nisaba app is free. What’s more, there are no ads!

We want every single child, irrespective of socio-economic background to have to opportunity to discover the magic of science. Who knows where the next Einstein will come from?

For children wanting to dive deeper into the mysteries of science, Nisaba offers exciting premium adventures too!
What will I learn on Nisaba?
You will learn how the world around you works! From everyday things like magnets and mirrors to mysteries of the universe like dark matter and black holes.

You will travel back in time to learn how the earth was born, and into the future to learn what could happen to it.

You will hear the stories of famous scientists who made groundbreaking discoveries, and make some discoveries of your own!

But the most important thing you will learn is - Never stop asking questions!
How is Nisaba different from other apps?
Nisaba is the only app to offer a truly interactive learning experience. We believe that learning happens by doing, not listening. Videos are not enough.

That’s why we make you an active participant in the learning process. Ask questions, engage in conversations and perform experiments. It’s your very own personalized adventure!
Will I get better marks by using Nisaba?
We believe that scoring high marks should not be the goal of learning, but rather a consequence. So, the Nisaba app does not focus on exam preparation or memorization.

Instead, it encourages you to ask questions and understand how the world works. It gives you the most powerful learning tool in the world, curiosity! You will perform well, not just in exams, but in life!

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